Project: Wright-Patt Credit Union Patronage Dividend Campaign
Made by: Melina Perez & Meghen Welly
Art Directed by: Meghen Welly, David Bowman & Jim Hausfeld
Digital Billboard: Orange Barrel Media
Tools used: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

The Ohlmann Group was tasked to create multiple designs for the end-of-the-year campaign that Wright-Patt Credit Union was putting out in December 2017. On my end, I worked on a Window Cling graphic, Codigo, 2 :15 TV Bookends, Facebook/Instagram video, Snapchat, and an Outdoor Animated Billboard. 

Patronage Dividend Codigo that loops at bank location

:15 TV Opening

:15 TV Close

Columbus Outdoor Digital Animated Billboard

Snapchat Ad

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